What did Dr. Fleet teach?

Dr. Fleet's teachings are well summarized in this conversation between him and William Wolff in Wolff's book Psychic Self-Improvement For The Millions; The Story of Concept Therapy.

Wolff: During your Illumination, Dr. Fleet, you said that certain things were revealed to you. Exactly what was revealed?

Fleet: “Psychically” I received a highly condensed version of what we are now putting into eight separate texts.

Wolff: I heard the story that you wrote down what you received in a strange and, to you, a completely unfamiliar language. It that true?

Fleet: Yes it is. I started writing on every scrap of paper I could get…even the wallpaper. Later some suggested that we send the strange writing to a professor of ancient language. We did this and it was then discovered that I had written in Sanskrit.

Wolff: What happened after the week of Illumination?

Fleet: Then came years of effort trying to understand what had been placed in my consciousness; the reading of the thousands of the books pertaining to health. Finally, the whole picture cleared up in my conscious mind and I was then able to write textbooks on this element, which I did, and utilized with great success in my chiropractic practice.

Wolff: I imagine your practice grew.

Fleet: It became so large I was almost unable to handle it. I had promised that if what I had discovered really worked, I would organize classes and teach it so that all could benefit.

Wolff: Did you plan on charging for this instruction?

Fleet: I tried giving this knowledge away free but soon learned an amazing thing about people. Little value is placed on something that costs them nothing. It was in 1937 when I started traveling around the country teaching Concept-Therapy to doctors, mostly chiropractors.

Wolff: Were the classes largely attended?

Fleet: Anywhere from three students to fifty at a time. Following the class the students would form study groups which we called “On-The-Beam” clubs. The club members identified themselves as “Beamers”. The clubs were then incorporated into a national organization (later international). At this time we have over 150 of these clubs chartered. Once a year we have an international “On-The-Beam” convention held in some centrally located city.

Wolff: There’s a story…perhaps a better word would be a legend…making the rounds concerning your method of gleaning pertinent data from the thousands of books you studied to get at the needed information comprising the Concept-Therapy text. Did you have to read every word of every page of every book?

Fleet: I would glance at a page and it would seem that my attention would be riveted on one particular paragraph or just a few words that would fit in with the picture that I was establishing. It seemed as if it was automatic that I would instantly recognize what I would need out of the book, much like you would recognize a friend in a crowd.

Wolff: Tell me something more about the text material. What is its objective?

Fleet: To teach a sincere seeker how to better his or her life, to give the student a greater understanding of his personality. It begins by showing how the nonphysical element exists in the electron, the atom, the molecule…the substance. We show how it created the minerals, the vegetable and animal worlds, and finally the human world. The teaching follows methods of science. Having established that this nonphysical element is within each person, we then begin to explain the component parts of the human personality and show their action, one upon the other. The instruction outlines the laws under which this nonphysical element works while in the body and teaches the student how he or she can work with not against this element.

Wolff: Suppose that because of ignorance you work against this element, what happens?

Fleet: Just look around at the misery prevailing in many, too many lives. People working against this element attract frustration, phobias, disease, poverty, and even untimely death. I would say that almost anyone who does not have proper instruction on how to work with this nonphysical element is working against it.

Wolff: What subject matter is covered in the other texts?

Fleet: In “Phase One” we break the human personality down to its component parts and explain the working of each to show how ideas, thoughts, and things affect the person. This is great knowledge, especially for those engaged in healing.

Wolff: How so?

Fleet: The doctor will find out how psychosomatic conditions originate and how they may be eliminated.

Wolff: Do you teach hypnosis?

Fleet: We thoroughly instruct our students in hypnosis so that they can become aware of how an idea detrimental in nature is transmitted from one to another, and exerts its destructive force within the body. The student is given a method which he can insulate himself, so to speak, from persons or from his environment. Our students become familiar with all details of how to penetrate, contact, and direct the power which lies within each person’s subconscious depths.

Wolff: What is the goal…the end results hoped for by a person seriously engaged in the study of Concept-Therapy?

Fleet: I hope it is the sincere desire to attain to the Fourth Dimensional consciousness, that awareness which some men call Cosmic Consciousness.

Wolff: Then your work is designed specifically to bring about that awareness in your students. You described a couple of your volumes. What are the others that help instruct the individual eager for a taste of the cosmic?

Fleet: In “Phase Two” psychoanalysis and psychiatric principles are employed to inform a student of the detrimental, hidden factors lurking in the subconscious which he inherited or acquired and which hinder him from having a happy, healthy life. Once this knowledge is gained, a person is able to look within and detect these traits and begin a process of elimination, a housecleaning you might say, which when completed will do away with self-caused disease.

Wolff: Alright, so much for “Phase Two”. Now suppose the student likes what he has learned so far and continues his instruction. What is given to him in “Phase Three”?

Fleet: This gives a description of the inner battle that all human beings fight. Sigmund Freud also taught of this battle, between the inner and outer consciousness. This phase of our work is a lifesaver for anyone whose subconscious is constantly upsetting the applecart. It’s also where we teach in detail about the Seven Universal Laws of Life.

Wolff: You say battle. What battle are you talking about and who are the participants in this struggle?

Fleet: The battle within of which I speak is the one raging between the carnal and the spiritual nature. It’s the source of much unhappiness and misery…mental, physical, and spiritual. Once the full picture of this battle is gained, the person is able, at long last, to look forward to a release from habits which tend to drag him downward. He’ll know that a character change is necessary and he will have the knowledge to make this change.

Wolff: What’s next in the scale?

Fleet: “Phase Four”. This initiates the student into a higher consciousness which is called the cosmic or the consciousness of the one life. Here we give the rules that the student must inculcate into his or her life in order to serve what you might call a probationary period of trying to go through the gate into a higher life.

Wolff: What do you mean probation?

Fleet: It’s an old metaphysical term describing certain steps a student takes on the “Path of Attainment”.

Wolff: Attainment to what?

Fleet: To a higher consciousness. The student is placed on probation for a while and then, if he is found worthy with self-discipline and understanding, he then goes to the next test which is taught in “Phase Five”.

Wolff: What is this test?

Fleet: The “enlightenment” process, and it explains the mystery of the teachings of the great Masters who gave us all our religions.

Wolff: What exactly does the Concept Therapy student become enlightened about?

Fleet: He becomes enlightened as to the real meaning of the word life. He actually becomes conscious of what all the Great Masters of thought experienced when their consciousness took a jump from the third into the fourth dimension. He eagerly awaits for the event to happen in his own life…and it will if he is truly sincere and applies himself.

Wolff: What happens to the student when he attains to the fourth dimension of awareness?

Fleet: Why, he becomes a “master of matter”, and works with it much as a potter works with clay. An entirely new life unfolds, a higher life, as he becomes able to blend his consciousness into the “one life” and render himself obedient to its laws.

Wolff: So far, you’ve touched on Concept Therapy, Phases One, Two, Three, Four, Five. What about Six, what does it teach?

Fleet: This actually gives the medium by which the student can enter into this “One Life.” We call it “initiation.”

Wolff: Initiation into what?

Fleet: The higher realm of consciousness.

Wolff: Is this the last phase of your work?

Fleet: No. The final step is “Phase Seven.” This completes the instruction.

Wolff: I’m rather anxious to know what that part of your work is all about.

Fleet: That covers the illumination process. This is where the student’s consciousness is filled with light. He has all the answers now. He can take his place in the “Higher Order.”

Wolff: What in relation to existing religious teachings do you consider the higher consciousness that you have been talking about to be?

Fleet: I have studied the six major religions deeply to get at the answer of that particular question, Bill. I’m convinced now that the men who brought the religions to us – Jesus, Moses, Buddha, etc. – were more or less men like you and me who for some unknown reason went into this higher consciousness. When they came out of the cosmic area to their normal human consciousness, they tried to tell others what they experienced there. And from that came all of our great religions.

Wolff: Please define what you mean by the higher consciousness. What do you think it is?

Fleet: I personally believe that it is another dimension of consciousness that awaits the human being who wants to study along that line, much like the higher understanding that awaits the student who will take the necessary training to go into the upper echelons of mathematics.

Wolff: Can this higher consciousness actually be attained through study?

Fleet: Yes, I firmly believe that the sincere student who will study these eight Concept Therapy and Conceptology texts and puts those principles to work in his or her daily life, will over a period of time enter into the fourth-dimensional consciousness, which to me is what has been taught as the Kingdom of God.

Wolff: What are your ideas concerning God?

Fleet: I believe that the word God and the word Soul mean one and the same thing. To make that clearer let’s take something we are all aware of, for instance, ice. Say we have a block of ice. Everyone knows you can take a block of ice and by applying energy (heat) you can change in into water. I believe the same applies to the human Soul and what men call God. They differ only in degree. The Bible states we’re all Gods in the making. With such knowledge as we teach in Concept Therapy, the person who will apply it rigidly in his life will then become more Godlike each day. While he will never become what most individuals concede as God, he will change in consciousness so that he will express a more Godlike life. That is the purpose of all the religions of the world; to bring you into a close harmony with the “One Life,” which men call God.

Wolff: How do you explain why you went into higher consciousness without preparation?

Fleet: I honestly don’t know why I was “yanked” into it.

Wolff: What do you mean “yanked” into it?

Fleet: I would describe it as a step of discontinuity that I had and am unable to explain. But while I was in that fourth dimension it seemed that the secrets of the universe insofar as man’s health and happiness is concerned, were revealed to me.

Wolff: What were your exact feelings, physically, and emotionally, I mean? I realize it was over thirty years ago when you had this experience, but can you recall how you felt?

Fleet: I can remember being engulfed in a terrific bright light, and it seemed as if all life were one. Every answer was there…available.

Wolff: What kind of answers?

Fleet: Those that men and women seek throughout their life. It was all there and it was indelibly impressed on my subconscious tissues. Then when I came back to my normal consciousness, I could not remember it, except in part. I had this dynamic desire to find out just what happened to me. It took years of research and study to get it from my subconscious up to my conscious. I now feel that I know, although there are many questions that my students ask that, to be perfectly truthful, I must admit that I do not know the answers to.

Wolff: What is the one question people most ask you?

Fleet: Is there life after death?

Wolff: Dr. Fleet, do we survive bodily death?

Fleet: I do not know.