Who was Dr. Thurman Fleet?

Dr. Thurman Fleet, who lived from 1895 to 1983, was an amazing chiropractic healer and teacher of metaphysics. When he had hours at his chiropractic office, the San Antonio, Texas police department often had to re-route traffic patterns in order to accommodate the large numbers of patients going to Dr. Fleet's office.

He also had to move his office 3 times in order to comply with fire codes, as his offices were so filled with people. Patients traveled from far and wide to Dr. Fleet in order to heal from all types of conditions.

In 1931, Dr. Fleet had an illuminating experience that resulted in him bringing to the world a phenomenal chiropractic healing technique and an unparalleled correlation of the world's Truth, wisdom, and knowledge.

Dr. Fleet called his work Concept Therapy. Here, concept means fixed ideas in the subconscious mind, and therapy means having healing qualities. Ultimately, Fleet's teachings focus on the healing of the negative and limiting concepts in the subconscious mind. Happiness, health, success, and peace can be the result